The Best Option for Your Establishment

The season for retaining foods and drinks bloodless or frozen is right here. It is vital for any meals established order to keep food chilled of frozen on the right temperature to ensure it stays sparkling and suitable for consumption. Commercial refrigeration is a extremely good solution and there are one-of-a-kind options which are suitable for any sized meals or beverages status quo.

Staycold HD1140F – that is an upright freezer that has a double glass door. The clean glass door blended with the vertical format and adjustable shelving permits you to absolutely see the contents thru the door. It is 2020 millimetre high and 1140 millimetres high. This unit has an energy saving Eco mode and built in voltage safety. It is brilliant for large kitchens that require loads of freezer garage.

Staycold HD690F – that is the single glass door version of the aforementioned upright freezer. Due to its narrower width of 690 millimetres it is greater appropriate for medium sized kitchen set ups. It has similar features to the double door model.

Upright Freezer 420L – this upright freezer is a unmarried door unit with a white outside and four cabinets. It measures 650 x 660 x 1980 millimetres in size which makes it suitable for small kitchens yet is spacious enough with a 420 litre potential.

Upright Freezer 289L – this upright freezer is a small vertical unit that measures 540 x 595 x 1980 millimetres so it quite effortlessly fits right into a small kitchen. It has a 289 litre potential so it would not shop as much as the 420 litre version but it is right for cafes or coffee stores that do not have as plenty meals objects to keep inside the freezer.

Underbar Fridge Two and a Half Swing Door – this refrigerator has a 610 litre potential but it suits beneath a counter. It measures 1825 x 745 x 902 millimetres which makes it extensive sufficient to save many meals objects in a without problems positioned unit. It has a stainless-steel frame with two and a 1/2 solid stainless steel doors. This business refrigeration unit is good for bars and espresso stores that want to hold the unit out of the clients’ view.